Vigor Vibe Weight Lifting Belt Power Lifting Belt Double Pronged Suede Leather


Key Features:-

1. Why Use Belts? Advancement is the key to every training. When it comes to weight lifting proper gear is the key to lift heavy weight. This belt Gives a proper support to your back during Heavy Weightlifting and Strongman Training and safe your back for injuries.

2. What Size I require? These belts are 10mm Thick and 4 Inches wide so tighter than normal fit. That is why we recommend measuring your Core Size instead of your Waist size.  Additionally, eight different fastening settings in every size gives you flexibility to adjust according to your comfort.

3. Why I choose Vigor Vibe Product? Perfection is our passion. We are not just Manufacturer or Retailer, I personally a GYM person since 1990 and use these gears During Gym sessions regularly. This routine gives me an advantage to understand the core needs of training. We work hard on our products to makes them durable and comfortable. All our products are professional grade, dully tested by Personal Trainers and Coaches.

4. Which materials are used? Belt is made by Suede Leather and our Logo Vigor Vibe is embroidered on it. For fastening Rust free Double Pong Buckle is used with eight Precision Holes. Reinforced Double Stitching around the belt enhance Belts Strength and extend its life for years.

5. In which sports these belts are used?  Bodybuilding, Weight lifting, Strength Training, Power lifting, Strongman Training, Heavy Squats, Deadlifts, Clean or Jerks, Gym Workouts and besides sports these belts are handy during lifting Heavy weight, Bulky Parcels, Moving furniture or Machinery and gives support to your Back, Lumber support, Core protection.




Cruiserweight Power Lifting Belt manufactured by Vigor Vibe is to give perfect support to your lower back. Tested by professional trainers. Specially use it during Squats or Deal-Lifts to lift more weights. Besides this, these belts are equally important for lifting heavy weight. Made by Suede leather and stitched with four flawless rows of heavy duty stitching. Heavy duty steel double buckle for toeing the belt at waist. In addition, nine different fastening settings gives flexibility to adjust according to requirements.

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