Collection: Arm Blaster

Vigor Vibe has a fantastic collection of Arm Blaster in the UK with uniquely contoured, a rigid metal that allows you to isolate your arms and shoulders - without the need for a bench. Get professional-level workouts by using one simple piece of equipment to target all the different muscle groups!

It is one of the oldest gym equipment, almost 50 years old, and looks older but very useful. It helps fulfil your dream of bigger bicep bumps by isolating bicep muscles and keeping your arms and shoulders in a fixed position.

If you are interested to know more details about this equipment, then this guide is for you.

What is an Arm Blaster? Does It Work For Bicep & Triceps Workout?

It is a Favourite training accessory: a piece of curved aluminium, cast Iron worn over the neck while doing bicep curls. It helps keep your arm in a fixed position by locking your arm and reducing your ability while creating curls. Otherwise, there is a high risk of having a severe back injury if you don’t use the arm curl as it keeps you safe.

The arm curl blaster is a revolutionary training tool that uses patented technology to mimic the benefits of free weights without Injuries. Its patented technology eliminates Injuries by using a system of straps and pulleys to distribute weight evenly throughout the body.

All you need for this workout is your own body weight and an arm blaster - no weights, no machines, no excuses.

Build your bicep with our bicep blaster. This fitness gear is one of the most versatile tools for your workout. It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of workouts.


This bicep blaster keeps you safe from back injuries with multiple excellent benefits as well as various features, which are as follows:

1: This product is the most useful, oldest, and most trusted tool for weight liftersbodybuilding, and other strength athletes.

2: Made of excellent quality products with curved aluminium, cast Iron about 24″ long and 4″ high.

3: As mentioned above, it designs to wear around the neck during usage for providing support. It helps you to lock your arms at your sides, and it.

4: It separates the biceps as needed and also gives you maximum strength.

5: It is available with a neoprene pad with a nylon strap with both sides padding for support.


Arm blaster is equipment with numerous benefits, and some of them are described below:

1: Improves posture:

As everyone knows, it is the best equipment for making bigger biceps, but it also provides support to your back and helps reduce drooping that occurs with time.

2: Increases the performance of arms:

It will help make your arms and muscles performance better after some practice and make them stronger. So, you can lift heavier weights burn more calories, and be fit.

3: Provides better isolation of bicep:

While using an arm blaster, you can do curls for a long time and isolate your bicep muscle because it allows your shoulders and arms to b fixed in a particular position which provides multiple advantages and isolates your bicep muscles usefully.

4: Maintains excellent form:

It is considered one of the most significant advantages to maintaining better form because you do curls, so there is no need to worry about your bad posture or anything as it supports it exceptionally.


While using an arm blaster, it is mandatory to place it over the correct height, neither too high nor too low, because too high will exert stress over your chest and your elbow. It will be highly uncomfortable at low because the elbow will dig into your stomach.
Another thing to carefully choose is the weights; weights must be average, neither much weight nor lower weight because it will be challenging to handle and cause injuries.


You can buy arm blaster from any online store, also available on and different selling websites in Uk by searching arm blaster UK, etc.


Arm blaster is one of the best equipment available in almost every country for the people who want to make biceps and do bicep curls, etc., keeping your arms in a fixed position and maintaining good form.