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Figure 8 Lifting Straps Woven Cotton | Deadlift And Heavy Duty Lifting Straps For Weight Lifting

Figure 8 Lifting Straps Woven Cotton | Deadlift And Heavy Duty Lifting Straps For Weight Lifting

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Figure 8 Lifting Straps Woven Cotton | Deadlift And Heavy Duty Lifting Straps For Weight Lifting

Want to get stronger? Lift more weight? Do this with the Figure 8 lifting straps. Designed to hold securely, these lifting straps are designed to be effective on most types of weightlifting bars. They are compatible with both standard and Olympic bars and provide a convenient way to lift the weight without sacrificing your grip strength.

We're proud to introduce our figure 8 straps that are popular amongst the world's elite. Made from high-quality heavy duty cotton, with a patented design that eliminates the need for setup time and any risk of slipping during your lifts! Wrist straps are loops that wrap around your wrist and attach to a weightlifting bar. This allows you to lift more weight than if you were holding the bar directly.

These weight lifting straps can help you lift more weights. You should use them when lifting heavy objects.

Figure 8 lifting straps are very useful for holding heavy objects. Strongman uses them to hold themselves up while performing lifts. These straps are made of heavy duty materials and increase durability.

Deadlifting is a powerful exercise that causes soreness and pain in certain areas of the body if used improperly. That's why it's crucial to use equipment that can offer support and help alleviate the pressure when using heavy weights. Figure 8 straps are perfect for deadlifting as they increase stability, reduce jerk tension, and offer a stable grip on the barbell.

How To Use Figure 8 Straps

Every day, people are injured at the gym. They're lifting too heavy and their form is incorrect. The figure 8 lifting strap is designed to help you get over these obstacles and avoid injuries. It prevents your body from twisting and turning by keeping your arms straight.

You should wear figure eight lifting straps by following these 5 steps:

  • Slip one hand through the front side.
  • Loop the other end around the bar.
  • Put your wrist through this loop.
  • Grab the bar.
  • Lift!

Vigor Vibe Is One The Best Figure 8 Straps For Powerlifting.

Feature Of Lifting Strap

  • Made of 100% Strong Woven Cotton Blend Material
  • Perfect for Heavy Weight deadlifting and strongman style pulling
  • Neoprene padding for comfort
  • One size for all wrists
  • Tested and approved by professional Weightlifter Personal Trainers for them who gained enough strength to start lifting strap heavier weights but find that your hand grip isn't strong enough to hold weights for exercises such as deadlifts, weighted pull-ups or shrugs, you should consider using lifting straps. The straps allow you to lift some of the weight with your wrists, so you can hold onto it long enough to complete your exercise.


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